The Jules & Coffee Hour

Episode 5: Our Favorite Twitch Moments

Episode Summary

In this episode, Jules and Coffee talk about their favorite Twitch moments, how their lives have been impacted by Twitch, and how to explain what you do to your parents. (This show was pre-recorded on Dec. 13th)

Episode Notes

In this episode, we talk about our favorite Twitch moments, how our lives have been drastically changed thanks to Twitch and live streaming, and how we navigate the process of explaining what we do to our families.

This show was pre-recorded on Thursday, December 13th (prior to the HGC/Heroes of the Storm news release).

The Jules and Coffee Hour is recorded live on Twitch, telling tales and reliving stories as players of Blizzard's games. We love all things Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Heroes, Hearthstone and everything in between.

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